Wild Jack Mobile Casino is Now on iPhone

The next generations cell phones available are truly stunning. They are basically tiny computers that you can use for so much more than making phone calls. You can surf the web, send e-mails, make notes, you name it. Every day, new applications are designed for the smart phones, and many of them are free. There are applications that let you follow favorite sports teams, count calories, show weather forecasts, whatever you want. But some of the most popular applications turn your phone into an iPhone casino. Just go to Wild Jack Mobile Casino and browse their downloads.

A Great Range of Slots At Wild Jack Mobile Casino

The most popular games available for download at the Wild Jack Mobile Casino are the slot machine games. For example, Tomb Raider -- based on the famous movie with the same name -- is a five reel, fifteen payline and seventy-five coin slot machine. Playing on your mobile device looks and feels exactly like playing while standing in front of one of those big machines. Instead of putting coins in, you just set up an account and transfer money in. So when you win, you can either keep playing with your winnings or cash out and fund your bank account. All transactions are safe and secure using the latest technology.

Even Baccarat at the Wild Jack iPhone Casino

But the Wild Jack Mobile Casino has more than just nifty slot machines. You can also download classic casino games like Baccarat. In Baccarat, you are playing against the dealer with a single deck of 52 cards. the object is to have your hand add up to nine or at least closer to nine than the dealer's hand. You can bet on either hand winning or even bet on a tie. There are many ways to win when you turn your phone into an iPhone Casino.

3 Card Poker, the Wild Jack Casino Way

If you like poker, you can download the 3 Card Poker game from Wild Jack Mobile Casino. You play just like regular poker, but you are limited to three cards. if you get any winning combinations (flush, straight, pair, three of a kind), you win real cash. The amount you win will depend on which combination you have. But all the odds and payout amounts are posted clearly so you never have a doubt. When you win, the credits are automatically placed in your account so you can see the total add up and either keep playing or cash out. Play anywhere with your own personal iPhone casino.

Wild Jack iPhone Casino