Mobile Treasure Nile is Perfect for a Mobile Casino

Mobile Treasure Nile slots game is a direct replica of the original Treasure Nile slots game which was the very first 9 payline slots game produced by Microgaming for the online gaming world. It is a perfect candidate for mobile casino games and from the day it was adapted for use on a mobile phone or hand held device it has been a hit. Mobile casino games like mobile Treasure Nile are all adapted for use on a hand held device or mobile phone and still maintain all of the qualities of the original games.

Set Coin Size When Playing Mobile Treasure Nile

The mobile Treasure Nile game has 5 reels and 9 paylines. It is not like other slots in that you can choose the amount that you bet per payline; this slots game has a fixed coin size of $0.50. In order to get the maximum out of the game and of course try and win the massive progressive jackpot which is constantly changing, you need to place a maximum bet on all 9 paylines which is equal to $4.50. Mobile casino games like mobile Treasure Nile can still offer a progressive jackpot which is linked to all other Treasure Nile slots games whether on the mobile devices or through the online casinos. A progressive slots game has a jackpot that constantly increases according to the number of players that join the game, the more that join the greater the jackpot.

The Egyptian Theme of Mobile Treasure Nile

Mobile Treasure Nile has a distinctive Egyptian theme with symbols all relating to it. There are scarabs and cobras, ancient sailing ships, Anubis, an Egyptian god, Ankh, the symbol of life and even tasteful Egyptian jewelry and scrolls. The scarab which is an ancient beetle like creature acts as the scatter in this mobile Treasure Nile slots game. When three or more of these appear on your screen you win multiplying scatter wins, the more scarabs that land on your screen the more you can win. The pyramids act as the wild symbol which can take the place of any other symbol to make up a winning line.

Easy to Play and Lucky to Win when Playing Mobile Treasure Nile

Mobile casino games like mobile Treasure Nile offer plenty of opportunities to win but the biggest and most exciting win are of course when the progressive jackpot is won. When playing mobile Treasure Nile, the only way to win the progressive jackpot is to have placed a bet on all of the paylines. The progressive jackpot can be won when 5 pharaohs land on the 9th payline. Despite being on a smaller screen, playing mobile Treasure Nile is as exciting as ever. It is easy to download and easy to understand, you can always opt for the Autoplay mode but when playing mobile casino games it is nice to watch the action as it happens and feel a true part of it by tapping every spin button.

Treasure Nile