Mobile Scratch and Score: Scratch Cards without the Mess

The release of the new Scratch and Score mobile casino game is a real plus. Everyone loves scratch card games. These are the games where you need to scratch the surface of your card to see if you have winning numbers. Unlike a lottery where you have to wait to find out if you are a winner, with a scratch card you know right away. However, people hate the mess of scratch cards. Now, with mobile Scratch and Score and other mobile casino games, there is no more mess. You can still see instantly if you are a winner when you play mobile Scratch and Score. In fact, since Mobile Scratch and Score is one of the latest mobile casino games, you can play and win wherever you are. If you have access to the Internet with your mobile device, you can play mobile Scratch and Score as much as you want.

Mobile Scratch and Score is Super Convenient

While scratch cards have been on the internet for awhile, the development of mobile casino games like mobile Scratch and Score is a relativity new nd welcome advance. Playing mobile Scratch and Score really makes for convenience. The clean graphics and smooth scratching mean that it is both easy and fun to play this mobile casino game. You can scratch your card just by tapping your mobile device. Unlike traditional scratch cards, tapping a mobile scratch card does not create a mess. Whenever you have a minute to kill, you can pull out your mobile and play mobile Scratch and Score. This is the feature that makes mobile casino games so popular.

Football and Scratch and Score

While you don't have to be a football fan to enjoy playing mobile Scratch and Score, it does help since football is the theme of this mobile casino game. Not only is the release of mobile Scratch and Score ready for major league play, but fans can even play the game during breaks in the action while watching their favorite match-ups. Once again, you don't have to go to a store or kiosk to buy this game. Everyone who have a mobile already has access to mobile Scratch and Score.

Playing Scratch and Score

The game mobile Scratch and Score is played on a virtual card with several panels that you virtually "scratch off". If you get three of the same symbol, you win instant cash. The game uses football apparel as symbols. Three golden cups will pay you a 50:1. You can play as many times as you like.

Scratch and Score