Mobile Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is perhaps the most popular video poker game of all time, and it is now available as one of the mobile casino games for your gaming convenience.

Mobile Jacks or Better - How it is Played

The game mobile Jacks or Better appeals to a large audience as it is both simple to play and it allows for both quick bursts and long rounds of game play.

The player begins by selecting his coin size and the number of coins he wishes to wager. The game opens with the player receiving five cards. The player will decide which of these cards he will hold on to and which of the cards he will discard in the hope of being dealt better cards. Once the player has decided on the state of his cards, he will push the Draw button. This will issue the player new cards in the event of him wanting to discard any of the cards from his original hand. The player will not have the choice of receiving any additional cards.

How to win at Mobile Jacks or Better

As the name of this mobile casino game implies, the player needs to receive at least a pair of Jacks for a winning hand. If the player receives a hand that is better than a pair of Jacks, for instance, three of a kind, a straight flush or a full house, his payout will be even greater.

The greatest possible hand that the player can receive is a royal flush consisting of a 10 a Jack a Queen a King and an Ace.

Mobile Jacks or better the King of Mobile Casino Games

It is no wonder that mobile Jacks or Better is such a popular video poker game for players at the mobile casino. The animations on the game are smooth, the game display is very visually pleasing and the buttons are large and make for easy interaction.

The game display also manages to capture the feel of the casino in a very real way. The complimentary sound adds a nice touch to the whole gaming experience.

Mobile Jacks or Better is a perfect addition to the mobile casino world not only for video poker fans, but for any player looking for an enjoyable gaming experience in a very accessible and convenient manner. Mobile gaming has brought the casino experience into everybody's pocket.

Mobile Jacks or Better