Isis Mobile Slots

Isis Mobile Slots offers a superior mobile casino slots adventure with five-reels and twenty-five paylines. The 250 coin slots on mobile is a high-action slots on mobile that you can play at the online casino at any time and from any location on your personal handheld mobile device. The casino offers Isis pokies and other captivating mobile slot machines that you can access directly on your featurephone, smartphone or tablet device. If you play Isis on a WAP device you can download the mobile casino software into your featurephone and enjoy the game via your device's WiFi connection. If you gamble on your smartphone or tablet you can open the casino directly on your mobile browser and play Isis or any other mobile casino games for real money by way of your device's Wifi or cellular connectivity.

You can bet up to ten coins per payline as you tap into the Egyptian goddesses Isis's compassionate nature as you complete your paylines and boost your earnings. The total number of coins that you earn will depend on the number of coins that you wager on each activated payline. The payouts occur for completed combinations that occur only on enabled paylines so be sure to activate all of the paylines that you want when you compete for real cash prizes.

Isis Mobile Casino Games Symbols

The Isis Mobile Slots offers you an interactive themed slot machine with enticing symbols, engaging graphics, realistic animations and an audio track of gentle Egyptian sounds that combine to create an atmosphere of a genuine Las Vegas casino venue. Isis slots symbols include icons that depict ancient Egypt including the goddess Isis herself, a Royal Scepter, a Sarcophagus, a hawk, the Eye of Horus, a Knoptic Jar and a carving of a Lotus flower.

The Isis Logo is the game's Wild. The Logo bestows a double multiplier on wins that occur with its inclusion so you'll double the payout of any combination that the Isis Logo completes. The Wild symbol can create its own winning combination when multiple Logo symbols appear simultaneously on an activated payline. The game pays one winning combination per payline so if more than one winning combination emerges on a payline you'll receive a payout on the highest combination.

The Hawk is the Isis Scatter  symbol. The Hawk icon completes winning scatter combinations whenever two or more Scatters appear scattered across the reels. Scatter wins are added to the regular wins and you'll receive a double payment if you achieve both a regular win and a scatter win. Scatter symbols don't need to appear on an activated payline in order to complete a Scatter combination. You can calculate your Scatter combination payouts by multiplying the scatter symbols combination payout by the total number of wagered coins.

Free Spins

Whenever you achieve three Scatter symbols on a payline you activate the Free Spins Bonus Game. The Bonus game awards you up to 30 free spin -- the exact number of Free Spins that you receive is based on the number of symbols that activated the Free Spins game. All of the Free Spins paylines and wagers are identical to the spin that activated the Free Spins game. The Bonus Game can be re-activated during the Free Spins and the new Free Spins payouts are added to your existing earnings. During the Free Spins the Scatter wins are added to the regular wins

Mobile Casino Australia Gamble Game

The Isis slot machine features a fun-filled Gamble Game where you can to your winnings. Any win activates the Gamble Game which launches whenever you  complete a combination and choose to "Gamble." You can also choose to skip the Gamble and continue to play the regular game. There are five possible Gamble Rounds per game.

When you choose to Gamble you'll receive a hidden card. Guess the correct card colour (black or red) to double your earnings. Guess the correct card suit (hearts, diamonds, spades or clubs) to quadruple your earnings.

Isis Mobile Slots