Hitman mobile slots

It’s not every day (we hope) that you get to go along with a Hitman on his next assignment. And if you’ve already been playing the Hitman game online, then you know what an adventure it is. Now, with Hitman mobile slots, you can take that adventure on the road with you and enjoy all that the game has to offer when you’re with your mobile platform. You can play the Hitman slots on mobile game with your iPad, your iPod, your Android or another other platform that will support the game and offer you a rocking time. The mobile slots game includes the same vivid graphics and awesome sound effects that the online version includes. And now you can join Agent 47 with the Hitman slots on mobile game today.

Starting the Game

As you get started with the mobile casino slots game, you’ll see an ominous feel to the game. Everything is shrouded in shadows here – you never really see Agent 47 face-on…you just see the shadows and the image of him. And you know that this is going to be a game that will make your heart race and get your energy pumping. The game takes you on Agent 47’s next assignment with him and offers you an adventure as he completes the task he has ahead. You’ll see through the symbols in the game that he has many tools at his disposal. These include the knife and gun, the rope for strangling when necessary, the computer to know what his next assignment is and the wade of cash that he gets when he completes the job.

More Details with Mobile Slots

When the Hitman mobile slots game starts, you’ll hear these words, “He’ll get the job done. He always does. Nothing can stop him.” And you’ll see Agent 47 in the shadow. Watch out for this guy, as his symbol is wild and will expand vertically to cover the third reel. There are many great ways to play the base game, and even more ways to enjoy the bonus round.

Bonus Fun with Hitman Slots on Mobile

First, there is the Insignia bonus game with the Hitman slots on mobile where there are three Insignia symbols on reels one, two and three and then you can get in. Here, you’ll select an Insignia symbol and you can get to a jackpot that is as high as 20 times the total bet. There is a Contract bonus game with the mobile slots game as well. Here, if you have three computer symbols, you’ll gain entry into this area. There are five targets and five weapons and you’ll select one of each of these and see what your bonus amount is and what your multiplier is. Then, these will be multiplied and you’ll see your total amount that the jackpot will be worth. There is a free spins section with the Hitman mobile slots game as well where three “18” symbols will get you 18 free spins. And all of the wins that you have during this part of the game will be doubled in value.

Get in the game today and get ready for the adventure that Hitman mobile slots have to offer. This game is not for the faint of heart. It’s for the man who loves shooting ranges and fantasies about guns and revenge. And it’s for the woman who has a strong stomach and a desire to watch Agent 47 at work. The adventure begins with your mobile platform today. This mobile casino slots game mirrors the popular movie and the online casino game perfectly and allows those who love to be on the go to take their adventure with them!


Hitman Mobile Slots