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All Jackpots Mobile Casino – Review

Playing casino games is fun and surely thrilling: the rush, the winning, the deposit…not many things can be found as exciting!

Nervertheless, some topics are always good to take into consideration before choosing a mobile casino to put your money at and of course your trust when it comes to the gambling experience. Then what should be taken into account, and how is All Jackpots Mobile Casino doing when it comes to these rates?

Gladly, we have got it all well checked and figured out for you.

Safety first –

What you should consider:

  • Safe money transactions
  • Gambling control and limits when required

How All Jackpots is doing over here:

  • Safe money transactions:  When playing ALL Jackpots casino you can trust that the games and banking transactions are safe and secure since both the gaming and the banking are encrypted with SSL digital encryption.
  • Gambling control and limits when required: is dedicated to responsible gaming.

    Therefore, a Responsible Gaming Policy is being implemented in the casino.  Besides including tips for responsible gaming and maintaining an underage policy, the casino helps you take control on the amount of games being played.  In case you feel you cross your own limits with games or deposits, the casino allows you to use its features and dictate in advance your budget or daily/weekly/monthly games.

You can be sure your money and time is well managed, and that the casino takes care of you, first and foremost.

All the rest is a bonus :)

Fair play -

What you should consider:

  • Gaming transparency: are you able to view your games and objectively call this winning or losing as fair?
  • Financial transparency: are you well aware of your money use (incomes and outcomes) and trust the systems to be fair with your earning as much as with your expenses?

How All Jackpots is doing over here:

Two programs are used in order to provide you a secure and fair gaming experience

  • Gaming transparency: PLAYCHECK (program's name).  Screenshots are being taken with each bet you make.  You can see the shots of your last game and generate reports showing the outcome of your gaming with complete transparency.  Your history game, of course, is kept safe just as all of the other actions you take at the casino.
  • Financial transparency:  CASHBACK (program's name).  A system providing a complete report of your financial transactions at the casino.  By using it, you may watch all the money wagered and won by you whether by credit card, e-wallet or prepaid card.

Comfort and ease -

What you should consider:

  • Adjustment to mobile
  • Visualization
  • Easy finding of required pages/buttons

How All Jackpots is doing over here:

  • Adjustment to mobile:  Over here All Jackpots is winning the battle.  As comfortable as the PC version of the site is, the mobile version is just as great. The buttons are placed right on the spot, no spreading of content appears on mobile and the text does not appear too small to be seen. The buttons are in a convenient size to be pressed easily and the whole customer experience is well and nice.
  • Visualization:  Here, as well, All Jackpots is doing a great job. The colors are exciting and appealing, giving a fun playing atmosphere. On the meantime, no dazzling colors are being used and the whole experience remains comfortable.
  • Easy finding of required pages/buttons:  Intuitive to the user, all required pages carry an easy to understand title and subtitles. When trying to find a specific content or help, it can be done in no time (and if any problem still occurs, the support system is there to help ;) )

Last but not least: Support -

What you should consider:

  1. Availability: times, contact ways and languages
  2. Response average time
  3. Level of assistance and problem solving

How All Jackpots is doing over here:

1. Availability: All Jackpots is available 24/7, so no matter where you are around the globe and what time it is out there, you can be sure to find assistance by someone available for you.

Contact ways: Cellphone can't use calls now? Skype's phone calls aren't working? The mail has become unresponsive? The webpage is not uploading? The program isn't functioning.  Well, you surely haven't got all these technical problems at ones, but even if one or a few of these have just happened, you are still going to find some alternative ways to contact, conveniently, the support system.

So how can you contact support?

  • Phone lines in different locations of the world, some of them for free  (one can also make a phone call using skype)
  • chat
  • Email address
  • Multiple languages support on specific times
  • Re-calling costumers who cannot make charge-free call

2. Response average time:

  • On chat: the chat is immediately available and an automatic response opens the conversation politely asking how are you.  While every question afterwards takes a bit longer to be responded, within a minute or two you will be eventually answered nicely and coherently.
  • On phone: waiting time is surely not long and within a minute the call is picked up by a relevant representative who is glad to give the service.
  • Email: just as the other contact ways mentioned above, an email representative is available for the costumers and quickly assists on any required query.

3. Level of assistance and problem solving:  

  • Our staff is proud to report that all queries were treated quickly and coherently.
  • The questions were answered completely and
  • The patience of the assistance team was a helpful part of the process.

Wishing you the best casino experience! Play, gamble, and make the most out of the ongoing thrill!