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There are Two Bonuses in Big Kahuna Mobile

How often do you have the chance to be a real hero, to save an entire civilization from utter destruction?  We bet you said “let me count, uh, never”!  Now you can go from being a free-wheeling toe-dipping vacationer to a legend in your own time.  All you have to do is play Big Kahuna Mobile and stay calm when the chips are down.  All while you're spinning for a dramatic mobile casino win!

Visually, Big Kahuna is Perfect for Mobile

Big Kahuna Mobile is the adapted version of the classic slots game.  Given the remarkable advances in mobile technology, you can now play casino games on your tablet or other mobile device and get the kind of sharp focus that was unimaginable a few years ago!  Especially in a classic slots game like Big Kahuna, the visual details are as important as the story itself.

Big Kahuna Blazes a New Trail in Slots

Big Kahuna is a unique All Slots mobile game for a few reasons.  One, it doesn’t use the common number and royal symbols.  Instead, you get beautiful, juicy, and delicious tropical fruits.  After all, you are on holiday on a warm tropical island, served by the friendly and immensely talented local people who have carved out a wonderful island culture, as wonderful as the hand-carved wood masks they produce with seemingly no great effort!

There is more to your Holiday than Fruits

Along with the colorful fruits, you will see a sneaky lizard.  You quickly learn from the islanders attending to your every need, that the lizard is harmless.  But, the islanders warn, the lizard has a long, talented tongue.  It will try to sneak away with one of your fruits.

The island chief comes around the reels as well.  He plays a major role when tradition dictates that you save his people.  The monkey is another silly-looking island symbol.  It represents your calm and happy holiday on the island.  Its goofy grin symbolizes the warm and open welcome you received when you arrived.

The natives are artists of note.  They carve masks out of local hardwood.  One of the masks is a permanent feature of the game but several other masks play a major role later on.

The Wild Has a Special Bonus

The Big Kahuna logo is the Wild symbol.  It substitutes for all other symbols except the monkey which is the Scatter symbol.  If you get 5 Wilds, you get an $8000 bonus which is multiplied by the wager you made on the winning line.

The monkey is the Scatter symbol.  Unlike most slots games, the Scatter doesn’t take you to free spins bonus rounds.  In fact, in Big Kahuna Mobile there are no free spins rounds.  But that doesn’t mean that there are no bonuses.  In fact, there are two bonus rounds!

What will you Do when the Island is Threatened

The island was formed by many volcanic eruptions over a long period of time.  The islanders have learned from their ancestors how to deal with the volcano should it threaten to erupt.  But the volcano has been dormant for generations.  Only the chief remembers well the legend of the brave vacationer.  You see, if the volcano starts to rumble, the chief must choose a vacationer who demonstrates his or her bravery by ignoring the lizard and chuckling in a friendly manner at the silly monkey.

Suddenly, the volcano begins to rumble.  Three volcano symbols have come up on the reels!  The volcano will erupt at any moment.   The islanders hide but the chief stands tall.  He chooses you of all the vacationers on the island to calm the mountain.  A ferocious tropical thunderstorm rages above the volcano with massive bolts of lightning portending the island’s imminent doom!

The chief tells you that according to island lore, only a brave vacationer can quiet the mountain by offering a fruit, adorned with the finest adornments the island can provide, as a vegetable sacrifice to the volcano.  You have to choose one fruit from three.  Will you succeed?

You make your choice, the fruit enters the gaping maw of the volcano, and the mountain becomes quiet.  You have succeeded!  The island is saved!  Of course, you will receive a cash reward for your bravery.  The reward is based on which fruit you chose to sacrifice to the mountain.

Now you return to your holiday repose.  The tropical fruits are just as cool and moist as before.  Suddenly, you realize that you would have succeeded no matter which fruit you offered to the volcano!  So, without letting your secret out to any of the locals or to the chief, you keep one eye open to the volcano and one on the reels hoping to return to pacify the volcano many more times!

Masks so Beautiful they should be in a Museum

When three mask symbols show up, you go to the Mask Bonus where you will win real money.  Here you see eight exquisite hand-carved masks.  The islanders want you to have them.  You can choose as many as you can before you choose a mask with “collect” behind it.  Five masks have cash awards behind them and three have collect.  You will want to take your time.  The masks are worth a few extra seconds of quiet observation.  As friendly as the islanders are and, as prompt and courteous their service to their vacationing guests, they are true artists, producing works of art that should be on display in a museum.

You receive cash awards if the mask you choose has money behind it and you collect your winnings if the mask you choose has “collect” behind it.  The islanders understand good sportsmanship so, if you get “collect” with your first pick, the islanders will put together a nice consolation prize for you!

Your Exploits will be Recorded in the Oral History of the Island People

Play Big Kahuna Mobile!  You arrive at the tropical island a nondescript holiday seeker but you can return home a living legend.  If you succeed in mollifying the volcano, the islanders will sing your praises for many generations to come!